video editing

post-production services

Do you have your own video content and just need it edited? or are you looking for ways to improve on your existing content? 
We are here to help you. Whether you provide us with the footage and sound or we assist you with the content, working together we can create your perfect video.   


 Editing your video from the initial concepts to the actual production ensuring that your video will be creative and professional 

what we can offer

 Animations text, graphics, music, stock footage, sound effects, textual elements, and much more..

Filming & Editing

Creative Product Video Production

A demonstrating your product in action

Sound Design

using audio design to create the right atmosphere with sound effects, voiceovers and music

Sound and vision, together with any additional supplied elements, in a highly creative manner to any brief provided. Other assets supplied for an edit can include animations, graphics, music, stock footage, sound effects, textual elements, end-board credit details and language translations if required. By editing together the essential film and audio media, and also adding any combination of other media, I can deliver any film or video project to meet the required brief and technical standards for my clients. There are at many editing skills at which I am adept. These include media and file management; adding texts and subtitles in a variety of languages; broadcast standard sound mixing; colour correction and visual effects.


Stand out through motion

High impact visuals and special effects.  It is largely used in the engineering, architect and film industries.  Essentially it gives that extra visual dimension, delivering a more immersive, engaging experience for the viewer.

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We believe in attention to detail and the delivery of    spectacular image quality to achieve professional results.